• Vibration analysis / Predictive Maintenance
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Laser Alignment
  • On-line motor testing
  • Oil Analysis Infrared analysis (electrical, mechanical and structural)
  • Electrical/ Mechanical Services, which include:
    • Clean and inspect AC & DC Motors and related equipment / Electrical services
    • Motor trouble shooting / On site commutator resurfacing

Vibration Analysis

When your machine begins to develop a fault, one of the first signs is a change in vibration level. This is the main reason to collect “baseline” vibration data when a machine is new or if it has just undergone an overhaul, changes become immediately apparent when a fault starts to appear, later in its life.
If your machine starts to shake, or even if it just “feels” different, call Toll-Morris Electric Motors Inc. and we are able to tell you if the change is significant and, through Vibration Analysis, tell you what part of your machine is causing the increase in vibration.

Predictive Maintenance

Would you like a “No Surprises” atmosphere in your plant? Would you like to know when a machine is starting to breakdown so that you could decide when to schedule the repair, rather than be forced to react to an emergency shutdown?
Planned maintenance is made possible by the regular collection of vibration data. The reports that Toll-Morris Electric Motors Inc. provide will keep you “on top” of the condition of your equipment, allowing you to make the decisions as to when, where and how any repair should be made.

Laser Alignment

One of the most common causes for increased vibration, excess power use and deteriorating bearings is misalignment between your motors and driven equipment. Toll-Morris Electric Motors Inc. can laser align your machinery so that they run smoothly using less power and with less strain across the coupling. Anytime that you take out a motor it should be laser aligned on its return to ensure maximum performance and economy.

Dynamic Balancing

What exactly is “out of balance”? Toll-Morris Electric Motors Inc can tell you if your machine has any imbalance and how much it has. They can then perform Dynamic Balancing to reduce this imbalance to industry standards or less, making the machine run as smoothly as it did on the day it was first installed!


A fault in your plant machinery not only causes an increase in vibration but also an increase in temperature. An Infrared camera together with a Toll-Morris Electric Motors Inc. report will pinpoint the hot spots in your machines, electrical control panels, boilers and building structures before they became a major expense.

Oil Analysis

Do you change oil in your machine on a time basis? Did the oil really need to be changed or should you have changed it earlier? Toll-Morris Electric Motors Inc. can give you a report that will tell you the exact condition of your oil including its chemical and physical composition, its viscosity, even if it contains metal particles from a bad bearing. Oil Analysis gives you the earliest warning of an upcoming problem.